How You Can Help

Support the plan
to save Shaker Square

January 9, 2022

Save Shaker Square and avoid the major costs and risks of a year-long foreclosure process. That was the mission of two respected Cleveland non-profit organizations: Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and Burten, Bell, Carr Development. Former mayor Frank Jackson put their carefully developed plan (bill 1038-2021) before Cleveland City Council. (To read their summary, click here.)

This bill needs the endorsement of our Ward 4 Councilwoman Deborah Gray and the support of Mayor Justin Bibb. Let them know how you feel about this plan to save the Square.


To help you create your message:

You can write a long, eloquent letter, but unless you represent an important group, it may not be read. Your personal message can be brief. Four sentences can do the job.

    ● Identify yourself.
    ● Say what the Square means to you.
    ● State your position.
    ● Say why. Your main reason is enough.


Where to send your message:

Councilwoman Deborah Gray

Mayor Justin Bibb